Hitmaker studio hire Melbourne Video TV Film Portrait

different looks filmed at

Fortnite Champion Series OCE AO Exclusive TERRA FIRMA Set with Tash Sultana
Get Krack!n s01
Canstar - Matt Preston
Epson - Jimeoin
Maxibon Snackr
Tradie Underwear
Old Woman Crawf
NAB Mini Legend tvcs
2040 Feature Doco
Olivia promo - Delta
Climate Action tvc
Tash Sultana music video
Coles Little Shop 2
Slurpee Skittles
Ritchie's 150th
 Jaguar - Ash Barty
Australian Crime Story
NOVA 100
Chrissie, Sam & Browny
The Boys
Max Kirwan Mazda
Sam Kekovich
Chemist Warehouse
Singin In The Rain filmed segs
Tiny Little Houses - Car Crash
Fight MND
Barnados (with BOLT robot)
12 Foot Ninja


mal dwyer


“I’ve used many studios over the years,

but I found Hitmaker has a number of great things going for it:


1. Location: Off Williamstown road very easy to get to.

2. Parking: There are about 4 spots available and some off street.

This is great. 

3. Access: ground floor easy wheel in of gear.

4. Coffee shop across the road.


I used the small green screen studio for a piece to camera.

I found the size really perfect and the end result was great.

The studio was not echoey, but compact, intimate, with a bit of spill off space in the attached room, to cope with Covid issues.

Make up rooms are an extra cost, but I see why, they are good rooms with make up lights and are comfy for talent.

It all looks very clean, neat and professional from a client point of view. The bigger studio looks great too, a lot of $$ has been spent on

sound proofing. Overall a great experience

+ Dale and the team were very helpful. Recommended.”

rachel steele

freelance production manager

"Hitmaker Studios is a great sound proofed studio located in Port Melbourne, the facilities are great in terms of studio / wardrobe room / make up room / green room / Kitchenette etc and the staff always keep the studio and shared areas spotless. Hitmaker introduced extra cleaning and easy to follow Covid Safe rules in 2020 so you can feel relaxed about filming there in terms of health and safety. The studio staff are really helpful and lovely to deal with. Parking is also usually really easy in the streets surrounding the studio and there are some great coffee shops within a few mins drive away.”

The Hundred promo