Multicam Recording/Streaming

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Do you need help with your recording or live streaming?

Have a Facebook video, an online Q & A, a corporate video,

advertisement or just a piece to camera?

Or do you want to shoot a presenter on Green Screen?


Here at HitMaker we have the perfect all-inclusive Recording or Live Streaming unit to suit your needs. It’s all set up so all you need to do is to walk in and shoot. We have a skilled operator onsite to help you get your content out there from the second you begin recording.


What this space is used for:

• Interviews

• Announcements

• Q & A’s

• Podcasts

• Promotions

• Corporate speaking

• Advertising

• Chat Show

• Web series


The basic package includes:

• Studio B

• Operator – basic setup, switch, record or stream

• 3 x camera broadcast set up (locked-off shots unless specified – professional operators can be brought in)

• 3 x clip-on lavalier microphones (what is used is “up” in the mix, though an audio operator can be brought in)

• Lighting - computerised (key light, black wall with various coloured lighting background)

• If you would like to take your footage with you, include transfer time

• Free all-day parking for blocks


All-inclusive offer starts at:

$1500 + GST for up to an 8 hour day

Overtime is charged at $150 p/hour in 15 minute blocks.



• Close range projector in studio (can be fed with HDMI or a logo)

• Various crew to increase production

• Main Studio for bigger productions and ancillary rooms