If you require an item for you production, you may find it here

- at the Studio. All prices ex GST

Stage 1m X 1m

4 available (interlocking)

$75 each per day

LED light

2 available

$100 each per day


1 available

$75 per day

$20 per litre

LED strip lights

(phone controllable)

2 available

$75 each per day

also 1 DMX only


Optional Backgrounds $125 additional with stand:

Pull Up Paper Cycs

current colours in stock;

WHITE 3m wide

CARNATION 2.7m wide

SCARLETT 2.7m wide

TURQUOISE 1.4m wide


also available - not for our paper stand;

2 x MID GREY paper 3.7m wide

2 x LIGHT BLUE / TURQUOISE paper 3.7 wide


Cyc Extensions $50 each per day:

White Vinyls - 2 available

Chromakey Green Vinyls - 5 available