• 15.18m x 12.65m (5.77m height)

  • 12m wide, 6m high, 4m deep (TWIN Cyclorama)

  • Acoustically treated.

  • White Cyclorama (12m x 6m x 3.55m deep).

  • Chroma Green Cyclorama (12m x 6m x 3.9m deep).

  • Digital green wall (5.47 x 5.77m).

  • Theatrical black drapes surrounding the studio.

  • 5m x 3m rollerdoor for load in.

  • Acoustic door audio protection in front of roller door. 

  • Weight-bearing RSJs (@5.77m height).

  • Core-drilled cable conduit to outside.

  • Cable conduits to vision control and audio control.

  • SDI and data links.

  • 2 x 32 amp, 3-phase power outlet. 

  • Intercom.

  • Industrial Grade Air Purification.

  • Air Conditioning (request).

  • Lighting Grid (request).

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  • 5.48m x 4.72m (2.85m height)

  • Acoustically treated

  • Digital green wall (5.48m x 2.85m)

  • White Cyc - Standing / Portable (request)

  • Digital blue corner

  • Acoustic double-doors for load in of oversized props & sets

  • Permanent scaff lighting grid

  • Short throw projector - 100 inch image (diagonal) (request)

  • Projector screen

  • Cable conduit to vision control

  • SDI and data links

  • Intercom

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  • 3.5m x 2.9m

  • Acoustically treated

  • Doubles as Green Room

  • Short throw projector - 100 inch image (request)

  • Projector screen

    • Green Screen portable pull up available (request)

    • White Screen portable pull up available (request)

  • SDI and data links for multi-cam coverage/satellite

  • Intercom

  • Couch - Dressing Room


*Studio Hire includes:
Cycloramas, Standard WiFi, domestic power, full length theatrical black drapes (Studio A only), bathrooms + disabled, access to kitchenette & exit cleaning fees.

Regular hours are weekdays 08:30 to 17:30

Alternate times can be arranged upon request. Overtime is charged at $150 per hour.


All rates quoted are ex GST. HitMaker Studios Pty Ltd charges GST.