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and features films like

2040, The Very Excellent Mr Dundee

other TVCs include

Nova 100, Bonds "The Boys", Underworks

production offices used by

The Very Excellent Mr Dundee, Get Krack!n, Behave Yourself, Kinne

pilots/workshops with tech gear include

Talkin' 'bout Your Generation reboot, Hard Quiz

and promos include

The Chase Australia, Singin' In The Rain, Dancing With The Stars, Olivia

8 Prohasky Street, Port Melbourne, VIC. 3207


Designed by a working Film and Television professional, HitMaker Studios is a boutique production facility in the heart of Port Melbourne. It features a medium-sized sound stage, Twin Cycloramas (Chroma Green Screen and Matte White), a smaller chat and streaming studio, and additional facilities such as make-up, control rooms and green room. Upstairs there is a wing of production offices  and creative suites for short/medium-term hire. #creativehub 


Combined with 360° of theatrical black drapes, digital green walls, professional sound treatment, easy load-in, audience permit and FREE ALL DAY PARKING in all directions, HitMaker Studios is the most diverse production studio hire in Melbourne. We can also hire in Crew or Production Equipment if required.

The business is specifically designed to cater for medium-sized productions with limited crew and resources. Our studios and production facilities include integrated SDI edit-suites and dedicated vision and audio control rooms. The building itself embraces green energy efficiency with solar power generation and medical grade air purification complementing regular heating and cooling in the Production Studio.

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