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Remote Working

If there’s one thing that we’ve all learnt in the past couple of years,

it’s how to work remotely.

Now people are looking at the Great Resignation,

and WFH as viable options.

So we’re here to help you do it.


Now at HitMaker, you can run a production remotely.

The decision-makers can be in another location,

another state or even country,

and still be totally involved in the production.

Imagine an interview with an Australian performer,

conducted seamlessly with a Producer in, say, New York.


We can send a live camera output to your favourite video calling software.

We can inset a live image of the studio floor.

You can chat to everyone, just as you would IRL.

But you haven’t spent hours or days travelling,

getting RATs or waiting in traffic.

You haven’t gone to any of that expense.

You may or may not be wearing pyjamas.


We can even produce an entire multicam production remotely.

We’ll still have a crew in the studio,

but the Directing/Producing/Switching may happen elsewhere.

Everyone can still be connected on live talkback,

wherever in the world you may be.


Talk to us about HitMaker remote.

We’re changing the world, one problem at a time…

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